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Melodi Residence

Size of the residence:

311 Beds


Female only.


Red and black/white.

Popular culture within the House:

Each year the Residence has been graced with young ladies of different cultural backgrounds. The norm and popular culture of the Residence is the unity amongst the young women of different cultures. Dancing and singing of traditional house songs at all events cheering everyone within the NMMU community is a norm.  We support NMMU based initiatives embodying the NMMU values in all aspects. The Residence is a green residence that is for creating a green society and environment.

Typical types of rooms available and what’s offered in them:

Each room  has a single bed, a study desk and chair, a book shelf, a cupboard with shelves, hanging rail and a mirror inside, drawers under the bed for storage purposes, study lamps (Annex only), plug socket for appliances and electronics, notice boards, towel rack and a room divider that separates two sides of the room for privacy.

Contact information
Mrs Wendy Reeves
Residence Manager - Melodi
Tel: +27415042402