Change the world

Melodi Residence

On behalf of House committee 2016 and the management of the house, I would like to welcome you to Melodi residence which is soon to be your new home.

My name is Melissa Lufele your head of the Melodi house committee for the year 2016 and I am currently studying towards a degree in Education (BEd FET)

Melodi residence prides itself in promoting growth, academic excellence that will ensure success not only academically but personally as well. This is an important transition for you ladies as the University environment is very different from the school setting. The House committee of Melodi will do it’s very best to ensure that we create an environment conducive for learning that will facilitate this necessary development.

I therefore encourage each and every one of you to embrace the concepts of sisterhood and diversity which are important concepts to the Melodi ladies as this House embodies different and diverse beautiful ladies. Creating long lasting bonds will require us to accept, love and respect each other’s differences.  

Take this opportunity as a chance to develop yourselves holistically through the various engagements so that when you leave this institution you leave not just as an academically sound student but rather as a well-rounded citizens who will be useful to your communities but most importantly powerful leaders that will be able to change the world.

For Orientation purposes

  • 2x  Red round neck t-shirts (no V-necks or golf t-shirts)
  • 2x  Black rugby shorts         ( available at Pep & Ackerman’s)
  • 2x  Pair of plain white knee length socks
  • 1x  Pair Plain White Tommie’s takkies ( available at Pep&Ackermans)
  •       Red lipstick + red hair ribbons ( accessorising )
  • R 250 Cash ( orientation pack and Uniform) + R550 Cash ( meals during orientation)

For your Personal Hygiene

  • Slip-slops ( showering purposes)
  • Bath Plug/stopper


Awaiting your presence

Yours Sincerely

Primaria 2016 - Royal Majesty

Contact information
Mrs Wendy Reeves
Residence Manager - Melodi
Tel: +27415042402